Il Convento di Trino

Magic comes from water

The Convent of Trino…it’s all about water stories: water, that runs through the green countryside of Vercelli…water that gives life, water that flows, water that tells stories. The location that rises from this calm sea of water, have an austere look, an ancient smile…
From the feet of Monferrato hills, at the banks of that water that fertilize the economy, a couple of steps away from the Natural Park of the Bosco delle Sorti of the Partecipanza of Trino, which was, in archaic antiquity, “a sacred forest”, the Convent is a beautiful structure built in 1475, requested by the Marquis of Monferrato William VIII Palaeologus.
From a large garden, plenty of roses and shady avenues, the façade rises with a nineteenth-century gentleness, made of balance and harmony: a historical building, inspired by the Fine Art and destined exclusively to the hospitality.
Today, the tradition of hospitality is perpetuated and renewed: since 2011, after a careful restoration, it has become a resort hotel that combines gastronomy and comfort in a structure of ancient charm and contemporary organization.

Little Church if Maria Ausiliatrice

A wedding from a religious to a civil ceremony

Extremely rare in Italy, the Convent has a beautiful private consecrated Church, the little Church of Maria Ausiliatrice, from the beginnings of ‘900,  in which you can celebrate a religious ceremony. Equally, the Convent has conventions with the Town Hall to celebrate the civil ceremony.

Grange paths

Let yourself be carried by water

To visit these places you must let yourself be carried by water, chasing the immense palette, discovering rice fields, grange, abbeys: a history of religion, economy and hard work intertwined all together on the fertile rice lands.

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