Massimo Restaurant

A new location for a renewed tradition

The Convent of Trino is the new location, opened in 2011, for Massimo restaurant, which was born in the heart of the city in 1997, and quickly became the temple of the traditional kitchen, made with great products that the territory offers, without neglecting international ideas with innovative dishes and excellent first choice quality raw materials. The chef Giorgio Bonato, long experienced in national and international collaborations, enriches the menu with his inventiveness and modernity, creating a prestigious kitchen.

The Restaurant Massimo is reported in the most prestigious gastronomic guides like  Veronelli Restaurants, the Critical and Greedy Guide of Paolo Massobrio and Osterie d’Italia. Among the many awards received, we mention the certificate Sole di Veronelli 2001 for his flavored juniper roast pork.

The restaurant: light as an inspiration

From the “historical” venue, in 2011 the restaurant, looking for a structure with wider avenues and gardens, finds the Convent.
The gastronomic tradition moves, therefore, to the prestigious residence, with its ancient charm and absorbed by the light, from which the delicacies offered to guests are inspired.
The beautiful location, with its pavilions, lends itself for multiple proposals to the customers: from one side like a restaurant, from the other, like a magnificent eighteenth-century pavilion, with its the rooms for weddings and events.
The cuisine is always accurate and accorded to the needs of those who are looking for an ideal location and a tailor-made event in this part of Piedmont.


The menu “a la carte” offers the possibility to taste succulent seasonal dishes with selected and rare ingredients such as white Alba truffles, porcini mushrooms, frogs and snails. The wine list with fine Italian and international labels is wide and updated. The distillates card is interesting with selections of national and imported liqueurs.

Weddings, events, celebrations

Classic, with aperitif in the garden, lunch or dinner served at the tables. Casual, with buffet islands inside or outside. Young and festive, with cocktails, with a rich selection of appetizers, a hot dish and cake: the formula for young married couples with many friends to celebrate your best day.

The menus that tell the seasons

Transform with the seasons, change color like the plain, darken like the autumn woods: a traditional cuisine that beats the rhythm of the seasons, giving the menu a rich assortment that only a generous and fertile nature can offer.

Fresh fish menu: an exclusive preciousness

The fish menu, the house specialty, intercepts the best catch of the day, to combine slices of sashimi with the robust Ermes rice of the area and fresh spring vegetables. Or the prawns, the octopus, the sea bass with mashed potatoes scented with local herbs.

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